The Socialist International deplores decision of the National Election Board in Peru

25 May 2000

The Socialist International greatly deplores the decision of the National Election Board (JNE) of Peru to hold the second round of presidential elections on 28 May, against the wishes of the vast majority of the Peruvian people and the recommendations of different organisations of the international community.

It is clear that in view of various irregularities in the electoral process, denounced by political groups and parties, individuals and leaders in Peru, and reflected in the opinion of numerous international organisations, including our own International, these elections, carried out in this way, cannot be considered fair nor free.

Our International, therefore, today joins with all those in Peru mobilising in favour of a transparent electoral process, which responds to the democratic desire of the great majority of that country and will continue to lend to them all its support.

Aware that this decision can only have a negative impact, both in Peru and throughout the region, we call on the international community to continue in its efforts to ensure that the Peruvian authorities adhere to the rules of democratic governance.