The Socialist International is deeply concerned over recent legislation in Moldova

7 May 2013

The Socialist International is deeply concerned by legislation passed by the Moldovan Parliament last week, which compromises the integrity and the character of fundamental democratic institutions of the Moldovan State.

Indeed, the International has been following political life in Moldova closely over recent years with a keen interest in seeing Moldova joining Europe, developing a new legitimate institutional framework, and consolidating past gains borne from the will of the Moldovan citizens for a fair and democratic society.

The set of laws passed on Friday May 3, extending the powers of Moldova’s current interim government, granting Parliament the power to remove constitutional judges, and raising the threshold for political parties to gain representation in Parliament, affects the constitutional and political framework of Moldovan democracy, harms the integrity of its institutions and seriously undermines multi-party democracy.

It is imperative that Moldova resume an open dialogue between its political actors to regain a credible and legitimate path for a consensus on the way forward on such crucial matters for the future of the State of Moldova.

Moldova’s citizens have battled in the past for opening up the way for real and democratic change and today everyone has to act with consistency and commitment to fulfil these aspirations. Nothing less than an open, fair and legitimate system of government will do for Moldova and its people.