The Socialist International (SI) demands the immediate restoration of constitutional rule in Niger

2 August 2023

The Socialist International is following the situation in Niger with great concern and strongly condemns the recent military coup in the country.

In effect, this coup constitutes a serious obstacle to the development of a democratic region strongly called for by all the peoples of Africa and embodied in an exemplary manner by a few countries, including the Republic of Niger. Following the recent developments on the political situation in Niger:

1. The SI demands the immediate reinstatement of the democratically elected government led by President Mohamed Bazoum and calls on the military leaders to ensure respect for the will of the people by ensuring the preservation of democratic values and protecting the legitimate government of the country.

2. We urge the soldiers who have chosen to serve the Republic of Niger to respect their oath of service and desist from all attacks on the civilian government and population including foreigners living in the country.

3. The SI reminds political actors, civil society, the army and the security services of the importance of safeguarding the human rights and freedoms of all Nigerien citizens and denounce arbitrary arrests, illegal detentions and kidnappings of certain Nigeriens due to their political opinions.

4. We invite the army and the Presidential guard to unconditionally release comrades Mohamed Bazoum, President of the Republic and his family, Foumakoye Gado, President of the ruling party PNDS-Tarraya, Mahamane Sani Mahamoudou, Minister of Petroleum, Mrs. Ousseini Hadizatou, Minister of Mines, Hama Adamou Souley, Minister of Interior and Decentralization, Oumarou Malam Alma, Minister of Transport and Kalla Moutari, MP.
5. We further call on the military to continue to ensure the safety of Nigeriens and their property, and strongly condemn the attacks against the officers of the ruling Party, the PNDS-Tarayya, as well as attacks on their headquarters.

6. We call on all parties, including the military, political parties, civil society, religious and traditional leaders to prioritise peaceful dialogue and respect for the constitutional order.

7. We further call for the mobilisation of all African leaders and stakeholders in Niger to take steps to protect peace and security in Niger and ensure that the country, which has been widely commended as a model of democracy in West Africa, does not regress in its development and democratic path.

8. We reiterate our call on the neighbouring countries of Niger to each play a role of facilitator to restore institutional order in Niger and jointly pursue their common objectives in the fight against terrorism.

9. The SI further commends the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) for taking a firm stance against the coup d'├ętat in Niger and declaring a zero tolerance to military coups in the West African region. The resolute position of ECOWAS reinforces the importance of the respect for democratic principles and rule of law in the West African region. We urge ECOWAS and other organs of the international community, particularly the UN Security Council, to ensure a speedy resolution of the political crisis to ensure a peaceful and orderly reinstatement of civilian governance.

10. At this critical moment, the SI calls on the international community to remain united in supporting democratic institutions and advocating for a peaceful settlement that reflects the will and aspirations of the peoples of Niger.

11. The SI reiterates its call on the international community to work with the leaders and key stakeholders in Niger to ensure an urgent reinstatement of the legitimately elected government led by President Mohamed Bazoum.

12. And finally, the SI remains firm in its commitment to democratic values and principles and stands in solidarity with the people of Niger in these difficult times.