The unacceptable tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea must be halted

22 April 2015

The massive number of migrants and refugees that continue to lose their lives in the Mediterranean Sea is shocking and highlights the deadly consequences of the lack of appropriate action from those who have the capacity and obligation to respond, not only from the realm of the institutions but from that of humanity.

In the last week alone, over a thousand people, vulnerable men, women and children, fleeing war, terror and poverty, victims of unscrupulous people-traffickers, have fallen, drowned in the Mediterranean, a sea that today, instead of bringing people and cultures together, is becoming a grave and a divide between dreams and indifference.

Europe needs to act, if only to save itself, because no progress, economic wellbeing or a land of plenty can exist alongside want, fear or death.

Our International, built upon values of justice and solidarity, and which has worked consistently for a world where everyone’s existence matters and where everyone is at the center of the priorities for government and politics, calls on all those with responsibility in Europe to act immediately and effectively to stop this bleeding in the Mediterranean. Our movement will do all it can to contribute to this end.

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