Trump and Netanyahu have not proposed peace

29 January 2020

The Socialist International has learned with grave concern the plan presented yesterday by US President Trump and interim Israeli PM Netanyahu on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which does not consider one of the two parties, the Palestinians. This proposal ignores the reality on the ground in which the Palestinian people live and exacerbates the situation as it offers no resolution to the conflict.

The SI has long been committed to support and work for peace in the Middle East, a region in which the organisation counts with member parties in both Israel and Palestine. In the efforts of the organisation to contribute to peace in the region, the SI remains convinced that there will be no solution to the conflict and no lasting peace if it is not agreed and established by both sides of the conflict.

Therefore both parties need to negotiate and agree a solution for it to be permanent and recognised by the entire international community, who support peace through the many decisions and resolutions of the United Nations and its Security Council, and in line with international law.

The Socialist International has for many years supported the two-state solution, working with Israelis and Palestinians who, without their consent and agreement, peace will never be possible.