“Women's Participation in Decision-Making Processes - the challenges for a 50/50 World”

Niamey, Niger

29-30 October 2019

Hosted by the SI member party in Niger, the PNDS-Tarayya, a Socialist International Women Africa Regional Meeting was held in Niamey on 29-30 October 2019. The opening session was addressed by four speakers: Hadizatou Ousseini, President of the PNDS-Tarayya Women’s Organisation; Ouafa Hajji, President of Socialist International Women; Luis Ayala, Secretary General of the Socialist International; and Mohamed Bazoum, President of the host party, PNDS.

In his speech, the SI Secretary General underlined that “women make up half of the population. For us socialists and social democrats, members of the Socialist International, our only path, consistent with our principles and values, is to engage and to play a leading role in ending inequality, injustice, violence against women, and to make our democracies true democracies through the equal integration of women in political, economic and social life”.

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From left to right: Ouafa Hajji, Mohamed Bazoum, Luis Ayala and Hadizatou Ousseini