Advancing social democracy and initiatives to end political unrest in Haiti

26-27 April 2019

During the 26 and 27 of April, the SI Secretary General was in Port-au-Prince, participating in meetings with the two Haitian member parties of the Socialist International, the Fusion des Sociaux-Démocrates Haïtiens and the Rassemblement Social-Démocrate pour le Progrès d’ Haîti (RSD).

Meetings were held with the leadership of both SI parties. The discussions included exchanges on the work and perspectives of each party, as well as on the grave national political situation in the country which in the last few months has seen a serious deterioration in the relations between the government and the parties of the opposition and violent street protests that had resulted in numerous casualties.  

The Secretary General equally took part in the Congress of the RSD that was being held that weekend in Port-au-Prince, to which he delivered an address at its opening.

In line with the outcome of the discussions with the two parties on the situation in the country, and on their advice, the SI Secretary General also held an extensive meeting with H.E. Jovenel Moïse, President of the Republic of Haiti. The internal situation in the country was discussed and exchanges were held with regard to initiatives to end the ongoing political unrest in Haiti. The Secretary General promoted the idea of a national political dialogue involving the government and all the opposition forces that were willing to engage in it, in order to advance solutions that would allow a normalisation of the situation, expressing the willingness of the organisation to help in this effort. Such dialogue would also facilitate advancing with the strengthening of the institutions which were crucial to consolidate and reinforce the democratic political system. President Moïse was very open to these ideas and it was agreed that contact would be maintained for the necessary follow up.

The SI Secretary General with the leadership of Fusion des Sociaux-Démocrates

Congress of the Rassemblement Social-Démocrate pour le Progrès d’ Haîti (RSD)

The SI Secretary General with members of the Rassemblement Social-Démocrate pour le Progrès d'Haiti (RSD)

The SI Secretary General with H.E. Jouvenel Moïse, President of the Republic of Haiti