Windhoek Declaration

Meeting of the Committee in Windhoek, Namibia, 29-30 July 2011

Original: French


Meeting in Windhoek on 29-30 July 2011, the Socialist International Africa Committee has focussed its discussions on the following themes: Good governance in Africa: the economic and political agenda; Electoral processes in Africa 2011-2012; Securing peace through conflict resolution.

The Africa Committee:

- Considers that good governance is impossible without democracy. Therefore, it sees bad governance in Africa and its dramatic consequences as intertwined with a democratic deficit;

- Observes that the absence of good governance and the unequal distribution of resources among the population can lead to social uprisings;

- Notes that obstacles of all kinds are imposed by the authorities in many countries of Africa, notably in Cameroon, Mauritania and Senegal, among others, frequently in violation of the electoral laws for the holding of free, fair, transparent and democratic elections. 

- Deplores the non-application by some SI member parties of the UN Resolutions 1325 and 1820 on Women, Peace and Security;

- Equally notes and deplores the absence of Africa among the permanent members of the UN Security Council;

- Notes and deplores the persistence of civil wars, corruption and famine despite the continent having an abundance of all manner of material and human resources;

- Notes the concurrence of these scourges with the deficit of democracy and underlines that it is not the fate of this continent to suffer this reality without reacting.


The Committee urges all SI member parties to show their firm solidarity, irrespective of the situation in which the African party finds itself, with fair and efficient assistance.

Considering the numerous Presidential and Legislative elections to come, it is necessary to create in all these countries an atmosphere of calm in order to allow voters to enjoy their civic rights in accordance with the constitution and the law, as the non-respect of these principles can lead to a failed state and a breach of the peace.

The Committee also urges political actors, whose work embodies the active principles of successful politics, to respect these principles and to educate their members and supporters accordingly, well in advance of election day.

The Committee supports the establishment of true democracies engaged in promoting human rights as well as the prevention and resolution of conflicts and the consolidation of peace, reaffirming the important role of women in all these endeavours.

Calling for Africa to have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, the Committee hopes that a resolution in this sense will be adopted at the next Congress of the SI.

The Africa Committee reaffirms the position of the SI Council in Athens for a peaceful and lasting solution to the Western Saharan conflict, as stated in its resolution.

In the struggle for gaining power through the ballot box, the SI member parties should be able to constructively count on the young generations, as it is for them to shape tomorrow’s world.

Taking into account the impact of drug trafficking, money laundering and terrorism, scourges which negatively influence the development of African countries, the Committee has decided to have a deeper discussion on these important issues at its next meeting.

Finally, the Committee expresses its sincere appreciation to the host party, SWAPO, for its fraternal hospitality and warm welcome.