Meeting of the SI Africa Committee, Bamako, Mali, 10-11 April 2015

Original: French

The Socialist International Africa Committee, meeting in Bamako, Mali, on 10 and 11 April 2015

- Given the depth of the political and security crisis and its multidimensional manifestations in Mali;

- Considering the general context of crises in the African region in general and in the Sahel in particular;

- Analysing the different threats to peace and security in the continent, including the phenomenon of religious extremism, migration, trafficking of all kinds, terrorism, rebellion, foreign exploits of the continent’s natural resources, but also and especially the effects of climate change on our core farming and agricultural economy;

- Considering the major challenges for global peace and security which are the Alpha and Omega of all activities of the SI, namely in the areas of:

  • Personal security and social peace
  • Strengthening of democracy and respect for human rights
  • Political stability
  • Sustainable development and the management of natural resources
  • The sovereignty of states
  • Their territorial integrity
  • Peace and international security

-­ Recognising the important role played in the SI by Mali and it’s president His Excellency Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, in favour of rights, freedoms and solidarity in Africa and the world;

-­ Recalling the wisdom and political courage with which the Algiers negotiation process between the government of Mali and northern armed movements was conducted and completed;

-­ Welcoming inclusive nature of the Algiers talks and the initialling of the draft agreement by the parties involved;

-­ Welcoming and thanking the international community for its exceptional mobilisation alongside Mali to help end the crisis;

-­ Stressing the need and urgency for the various stakeholders to move towards the early signing of the peace agreement and its implementation in strict compliance with the commitments made by the parties;

The Socialist International Africa Committee

- Congratulates and thanks H.E. Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, President of the Republic of Mali, for the constant and active role he has always played and continues to play on behalf of Mali within the SI, for the achievement of the ideals of peace, justice, freedom and solidarity;

- Thanks the people and government of Mali for the warm African welcome and hospitality shown to the various delegations of the SI;

- Calls on the Coordination of the Armed Movements to join the project of the Algiers Peace Accords of 1 March 2015;

- Welcomes the good progress of the negotiations process and calls on the government and the armed groups to move toward the early signing of the peace agreement and national reconciliation and its implementation in accordance with the commitments made by the parties involved;

- Reaffirms its commitment, support and solidarity to Mali for a quick and definitive end to the crisis;

- Warmly welcomes the mediation and the whole of the international community for their invaluable contribution to the resolution of the crisis in northern Mali and call on them to persist for an effective implementation of the peace agreement.

- Calls on the international community to take appropriate sanctions against any party that opposes the signing and the implementation of the Algiers Accord of 1 March 2015.