Meeting of the Socialist International Africa Committee, Bamako, Mali

29-30 March 1999

A meeting of the Africa Committee took place in Bamako on 29-30 March, hosted by the African Party for Solidarity and Justice, ADEMA-PASJ, Mali, with more than sixty delegates from over twenty countries gathered to discuss the following three themes: 'Globalisation and Africa: continuing the debate'; 'Regional conflicts: securing peace in the continent'; and 'Furthering and promoting democracy: the priorities of today'.

Prime Minister of Mali and leader of ADEMA-PASJ, Ibrahima Boubacar Keita, addressed the opening of the meeting and outlined some key issues for consideration. Africa was, he said 'in urgent need of re-examining its priorities for the immediate future'. Ousmane Tanor Dieng, First Secretary of the Senegalese Socialist Party and Chair of the Africa Committee, then set out the work ahead. It was the Committee's role, he stated, to ensure that the African continent found its true expression at the heart of the SI and the themes on the agenda would certainly contribute to this process. SI Secretary General Luis Ayala underlined the pride the International took in meeting in Mali. The SI was well placed, he said, to 'make a difference', not only in Europe, but also on the African continent 'where our shared ideals and values are advanced each day by our African member parties'.

As a result of its debate the Committee issued a statement on globalisation from the African perspective. Resolutions were adopted expressing continued concern about the growing instability in Angola, on the social and political crisis in Burkina Faso, one reiterating the call for the liberation of Alpha Condé, and another reaffirming the SI's support for the democratic opposition forces in Equatorial Guinea.