Meeting of the SI Mediterranean Committee in Split, Croatia

10-11 October 2003

On 10-11 October in Split, hosted by the Social Democratic Party of Croatia, the Mediterranean Committee gathered to discuss an agenda which included the themes of regional co-operation; integration and common challenges to the region by globalisation; working for peace and security in the Mediterranean and strengthening democratic institutions and civil society. Reports on national situations from member parties in the region were also received. Tonino Picula, Foreign Minister of Croatia headed the delegation of the host party and opened the discussions which were chaired by Manuel Marín, chair of the Committee (Spanish Socialist Workers Party, PSOE).

In addressing the challenges of the Mediterranean region regarding peace, security and sustainable development the committee called on the countries of the region to advance in the process of co-operation and to make an effort in their work towards the implementation of the agreements already reached at the Euro-Mediterranean level.

The Committee, which issued a Declaration of Split, summarising its debates, equally addressed in its exchanges the situation in the Middle East, Algeria, Cyprus and Western Sahara.