Resolution on DR Congo

XXVI Congress of the Socialist International, Madrid

25-27 November 2022

1. At this time when the Congress of the Socialist International is being held, part of the territory of the Democratic Republic of Congo is occupied by the Rwandan army in clear violation of the Charter of the United Nations and all instruments of international law governing relations between States.

2. Through this occupation, our aggressors rape our young girls and mothers, plunder our natural resources and massacre our populations on a daily basis in the total indifference of the International Community.

3. The invasion of our country by Rwanda caused a humanitarian drama which forced more than 200,000 of our compatriots to flee the horrors of terrorism in combat zones. They find themselves outside their homes without shelter, food or appropriate care. This situation of unjust war imposed on our country by Rwanda threatens peace, undermines the stability of our institutions, and marks a brake on democracy. It endangers the achievements of the democratic alternation won at the cost of the fierce struggle led by our people for decades.

4. Meanwhile, our country is prevented from defending itself against its aggressors. An arms purchase notification regime is imposed on us by the United Nations which, at the same time, recognizes the military superiority of the M23 terrorist movement, supported by Rwanda, which has more sophisticated weapons than those held by the Mission of the United Nations (MONUSCO) in the Democratic Republic of Congo! The question we ask ourselves is that of knowing by what mechanisms, the M23, a terrorist movement, moreover sanctioned by the UN, obtains these weapons when our country, a sovereign State, is subject to a restriction regime?

5. For the Congolese people, this obligation of notification imposed on our country is only an embargo which does not say his name.

6. Thus the Union for Democracy and Social Progress, UDPS in acronym, asks the Socialist International to adopt a resolution of support for the people of the Republic of Congo, the content of which is as follows:

I. Demand that the Rwandan government immediately withdraw its M23 troops from Congolese territory and to obtain the cessation of the aggression of our country by its army;

II. Obtain, without conditions, the end of the violence exerted against the Congolese people by the various armed groups often supported by occult powers in the eastern part of our country;

III. Provide support to the diplomatic efforts of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo in order to obtain the immediate lifting of the arms purchase notification regime imposed on our country by the United Nations.