Resolution on Togo

BRUSSELS COUNCIL - Platform for global progress, 10-11 April 2000

Original: French

On 29 July 1999 the political forces supporting the president and the Togo opposition signed an agreement called the Accord Cadre de Lomé (the Lomé Framework Agreement).

This agreement inspired great hope in the people of Togo. One of its essential elements was the Togolese Head of State's undertaking to dissolve the National Assembly in March 2000.

Considering that the National Assembly, composed only of deputies politically aligned with the president, has not been dissolved in accordance with the Head of State's undertaking;

considering that the new electoral regulations, given to the government for implementation on 1 December were only promulgated on 5 April 2000;

considering the continuation of the political crisis in Togo, which is worsening by the day,

the Council of the Socialist International, meeting in Brussels on 10-11 April 2000:

expresses its grave concern;

demands that the Togolese Head of State honours his undertaking;

urges the players in Togo's political life to define an electoral timetable and to take the necessary steps for the organisation of legislative elections as soon as practicably possible, in accordance with the spirit and the letter of the Lomé Framework Agreement;

invites all its member parties to give their active support to the Togolese people in achieving the objectives of the said Agreement.