Resolution on International Terrorism

CASABLANCA COUNCIL - Peace, Security, Development, 31 May-1 June 2002

1. The Socialist International reiterates its condemnation of all acts of terrorism, including state terrorism, defined as an attack against civil persons for the sake of carrying out political aims.

2. The Socialist International does not consider social and economic conditions in any country as a decisive cause of international terrorism. On the contrary, international terrorism abuses these conditions to legitimise its condemnable acts.

3. The Socialist International will not allow any organisation which supports international terrorism, or which advocates it, to have any link whatsoever or cooperate with the SI.

4. The Socialist International considers that the fight against international terrorism should be carried out within the framework of international law, respect for human rights and in line with the Geneva Conventions.

5. The Socialist International calls on its Committee on Peace, Democracy and Human Rights to prepare a programme for action of social democratic and socialist parties against international terrorism, including necessary preventive activities, and to submit this programme at the next meeting of this Committee.