Statement on Venezuela

Meeting of the SI Presidium and Heads of State & Government, United Nations, New York, 27 September 2018

Original: Spanish

In view of the continuation and deepening of the crisis that affects Venezuela, the SI Presidium reiterates its concern at the degradation and sustained deterioration in the living conditions of the Venezuelan people. The resolution of the current situation will only be possible within the context of the normal functioning of democratic institutions and the full respect for the rights and freedoms of the Venezuelan people. The SI has denounced the constant and serious violations of human rights, the repression, the existence of political prisoners and of exiled citizens. Today, it speaks out once more to demand the release of all political prisoners and respect for all the freedoms and all the rights of all Venezuelans.

The humanitarian emergency that confronts Venezuela is the main reason behind the daily migration of thousands of people in search of a way to overcome the distressing and precarious conditions being suffered by the Venezuelan people. The solidarity extended by the neighbouring countries of the Latin American and Caribbean region to these Venezuelans contrasts with the reality in other continents and must be duly appreciated.

The normalisation of the democratic process in Venezuela will need the full restoration of and respect for the powers of the National Assembly, a sovereign public body with democratic legitimacy. The exercise of the constitutional powers of the National Assembly, a key player in the Venezuelan constitutional order, is the central pillar to design a transition towards democratic normality in the country. The Presidium reiterates its full confidence that the SI member parties in Venezuela will continue to work in search of an appropriate peaceful political way out, leading to the holding of fair and free elections, allowing the recovery of democratic coexistence in the country.