Socialist Affairs

Issue 4, Volume 47


An age full of possibilities 

President of the Socialist International, Pierre Mauroy, former Prime Minister of France, looks at the important issues of the day

Globalisation: demanding change, preserving hope 

Prime Minister António Guterres, leader of the Portuguese Socialist Party and Chair of the Committee on Economic Policy, Development and the Environment, sets out a path for change

A framework based on true cooperation 

Juan Somavía, Director-elect of the International Labour Organisation, talks of the need for true multilateral cooperation of international institutions

International structures are key to the future 

Abderrahman Youssoufi, Prime Minister of Morocco and leader of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces, calls for international structures with a human dimension

Markets benefiting people 

Walter Veltroni, National Secretary of the Italian Democrats of the Left, demands greater international cooperation in the face of the inequities of globalisation

Global answers are the only solutions 

François Hollande, First Secretary of the French Socialist Party, outlines the way for global action by social democrats

The different faces of globalisation 

Joaquín Almunia, General Secretary of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, emphasises the need for thoroughgoing review given the impact of globalisation

Protecting the weak and the vulnerable 

Takako Doi, leader of the Social Democratic Party of Japan, appeals for international action where it is most needed

Profile - Fernando de la Rúa

Socialist Affairs looks at the life of the leading candidate in this year's Argentine presidential election