Statement on Japan and nuclear power

Meeting of the Socialist International Asia-Pacific Committee Manila, 20-21 May 2011

The SI Asia-Pacific Committee reiterates its solidarity with the Japanese people and its Japanese sister party, the Social Democratic Party, SDP, in their efforts to face the devastating consequences of the earthquake and tsunami. This natural disaster which caused the severe accident in the nuclear power plants of Fukushima brings into question the sustainability of nuclear energy and highlights the urgent need to focus on alternative energy policies.

One lesson learned by the tragic events in Fukushima is that once a nuclear power accident occurs, it is difficult to control the consequences and handle the crisis. Today, two months after the disaster, we are not yet able to evaluate radiation levels in soil, air and water.

In light of these developments, the Committee calls on the international community to reconsider its energy policies and explore ways to significantly increase renewable and sustainable sources of energy, while guaranteeing the security of the people and the environment. In this context, the Committee also reiterates previous SI statements underlining the importance of technology transfers and financial assistance to the developing world for capacity building and adaptive measures.

The Committee also calls for stricter international regulation and monitoring in the operation of existing nuclear power plants and coordinated action on the issue of nuclear waste management.