The sister parties members of the Committee of the Socialist International for Latin America and the Caribbean, meeting in Santo Domingo on March 26, 2023, reaffirm their condemnation of the deterioration of democracy and the attacks on fundamental rights and freedoms in Nicaragua; Five years after the massive mobilizations in favor of democracy...

The violation of human rights in Nicaragua is reaching levels of barbarism: political prisoners, illegal detentions, unconstitutional reforms, absolute limitation of the civil rights of the political opposition to the degree of totalitarianism.

There are still many political prisoners, including Monsignor Rolando Álvarez, which highlights the cynicism of the dictatorship and its undemocratic nature.

We ask the Nicaraguan government to restore all the rights of which it has deprived Nicaraguan citizens through the irregularly approved constitutional amendment that entails the deprivation of the right to nationality. We call for the Nicaraguan Parliament to repeal this punitive law that undermines fundamental human rights.

Faced with this situation, the president of the Socialist International, Pedro Sánchez, immediately offered Spanish nationality to the hundreds of political prisoners released so far, and to all those who are stateless. Action that was followed by other solidarity governments in the region that also offered nationality.

In addition, we call on the Nicaraguan government to take the necessary measures to guarantee that all political prisoners are released and concrete measures are taken to protect the rights of its citizens and chart a new path towards the restoration of democracy in the country.