Declaration by SI Uruguayan and Argentinian Parties

Changes in Latin America and the Caribbean at the heart of the agenda of the SI meeting in Montevideo, 3-4 April 2006


Original: Spanish

The Argentinian and Uruguayan member parties of the Socialist International, meeting in Montevideo, concerned at the situation which has arisen between the two countries over the installation of cellulose processing plants on the Uruguay River, proposed the following declaration to the Committee:

The Socialist International Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean, meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay, on 3-4 April 2006, declares:

1) that both countries must deploy all their efforts through diplomatic means to find a rapid and definitive solution to the conflict which will protect the fundamental rights of all the citizens in the region;

2) that the right to sustainable development with work and distribution of wealth is compatible with full rights to health and a clean environment;

3) that both peoples, united historically and culturally by neighbourly ties, deserve an urgent response which returns tranquillity to the region, in order to continue working together towards a common identity of MERCOSUR, reaffirming the strategic value of regional integration.


New Space - Socialist Party of Uruguay


Radical Civic Union - Socialist Party