Declaration on Honduras, Nicaragua and Haiti

Meeting of the SI Council in Barcelona, 24-25 November 2017

Original: Spanish

The member parties of the Socialist International, gathered in Barcelona on 24-25 November 2017, have been observing with concern the evolution of the situation of migrant workers from Central America and the Caribbean, particularly from Nicaragua, Haiti and Honduras, who enjoy temporary protection status. These workers have been subject to an ultimatum from the current administration of the United States under which 59,000 Haitians, 57,000 Hondurans and 2,500 Nicaraguans are to return to their countries of origin. This results in incalculable damage both in the household and national economies of these populations, further provoking social and family breakup, damage to education, health and livelihoods, having lost work and been removed from the country.

In view of the above, the Council of the Socialist International calls on the governing authorities and the Congress of the United States to reconsider this decision and to make a reality the Declaration of Independence of 1776 that "all men are created equal", which is also proclaimed in Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and specifically, the statute of permanent residency for these migrants.

The SI Council expresses its solidarity with these fraternal populations, as solidarity is not simply a motto, but we are all citizens of a global reality and all refugees from human conditions, violence and terror.

The SI Council requests that temporary protection status (TPS) is kept in force and that the ultimatum is dropped.