Declaration on Mexico

BUENOS AIRES COUNCIL - Shaping Change, 25-26 June 1999

Original: Spanish

The Council of the Socialist International meeting in Buenos Aires on 25-26 June 1999,

considering that on 2 July 2000 federal elections will be held in Mexico for a new president and new Chambers of Senators and Deputies;

taking into account that the majority of the Chamber of Deputies approved a set of electoral reforms which include the elimination of legal obstacles to the formation of electoral coalitions and common candidatures, greater transparency of financial resources, greater equity which will grant the vote to millions of Mexicans who live abroad; these reforms will allow greater progress towards clean and transparent elections and will make a contribution to the process of democratic transformation through which this country is passing;

concerned by the fact that these proposals are being debated in Senate committees;

requests that the senators approve them with the greatest possible dispatch.