Resolution on Western Sahara

ROME COUNCIL - For a More Equal Global Society, 20-21 January 2003


In relation to Western Sahara, the Socialist International, meeting in Rome on 20-21 janaury 2003

1. Taking note of its previous resolutions on Western Sahara;

2. Considering that a just and lasting solution to the Western Sahara conflict, can only be found by assuring to the Saharawi people the exercising of the right to self determination in accordance with the terms of the UN Peace Plan and the Houston Agreements;

3. The Council of the Socialist International backs the efforts of the Secretary General of the United Nations and his Personal Envoy, Mr James Baker, to achieve a peaceful solution of the conflict.

4. Calls on the Kingdom of Morocco, the Polisario Front and the countries of the region to cooperate fully with the United Nations, in its effort aimed at a lasting solution, in conformity with international law.

5. Calls for the freeing of all military and civilian prisoners.