Resolution on Haiti

SANTO DOMINGO COUNCIL - Working for a more secure and fairer world, 26-27 November 2001

Original: French

The Socialist International, at its Council meeting in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on 26 and 27 November 2001, alarmed by the deteriorating economic, social and political situation in Haiti:

• Condemns the violations of the rights of independent journalists, members of civic organisations, political opposition, and members and sympathisers who are prohibited by the Lavalas power from holding meetings;

• Supports Haitian social democrats and their allies in their efforts to establish a rule of law;

• Laments the absence of democratic commitment on the part of the de facto government. The renewal of international assistance should be conditioned on the existence of a democratic atmosphere and a political accord between the governing authorities and the Democratic Convergence;

• Deplores the fact that until now the process of negotiation in Haiti has not resulted in a political accord, despite the mediation of the OAS. Such an accord is necessary to overcome the national crisis stemming from the disputed elections of 2000;

• Urges its member parties and like-minded parties to persevere with realistic negotiations with the objective of creating conditions to address urgent problems, such as extreme poverty and deforestation;

• Supports the decision of its member parties to form, with other like-minded parties, a broad social democratic movement capable of helping the people of Haiti to realise their democratic aspirations and bring about an economic and social transformation of their daily lives.