Resolution on Ebola

Meeting of the SI Council at the United Nations in Geneva, 12-13 December 2014

Original: French

The Council of the Socialist International, meeting in Geneva on 12-13 December 2014,

Considering that the Ebola virus epidemic is a public health emergency of international importance;

Acknowledging that the impact of this disease can be minimised by preventive measures as well as a strengthened and effective system of surveillance and response;

Equally acknowledging that faced with this alarming situation, the only objective remains the stopping of the transmission of the disease in a spirit of international solidarity, the mobilisation of resources and the harmonisation of strategies;

Expresses a deep concern with regard to the weakness of the health systems in the countries affected in confronting epidemics, notably the Ebola virus epidemic which is currently rampant in West Africa;

Affirms all its solidarity to the affected countries, whose populations are being severely tested;

Underlines the need for a substantial international mobilisation to confront this epidemic and commits the member parties of the SI to mobilise additional resources to support the countries concerned.





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